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I Capture the Castle
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I Capture the Castle

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How did this film earn a 4-star rating? The locations were lovely, the photography well done and the performances of the two primary female actors, especially the lead, were strong. Much more convincing than the male actors with whom they were supposed to be in love. And the music only served ...Read more

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Well it was clear that the american was going to win Roses heart she wasn’t British at heart and Simione really wanted Britannia but was so much wanting to be with his brother form there separation that he wanted what brother wanted and what was that girl thinking that boy Steven was just ...Read more

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Lovely photography, good performances. Great to see some the actors when they were newbies. Henry Cavill was a revelation he was loose and unmannered. Henry Thomas shows range from his early years as a child actor to a mature compelling young actor. Romola Garai, please fix your spelling with ...Read more

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A Beautiful Movie

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it stopped at the end?? great piece

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An interesting study in love, really... A period piece, a drama, but refreshing and introspective.