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I, Caesar Collection

I, Caesar Collection
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I, Caesar - Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar turned military victories into political power. His ambition created a colossal empire, and he gave his name to the rulers who succeeded him. He has been a symbol…
I, Caesar - Augustus
Caesar's military brilliance forged a new Rome, but it was Augustus' political genius that made it an empire for the ages. Despite being Caesar's nephew and adopted heir, Augustus struggled…
I, Caesar - Nero
He was seventeen when he took the throne, and during his capricious, fourteen-year rule, Nero almost brought the Empire to ruin. He was unable to quell rebellions in Britain and…
I, Caesar - Hadrian
He overturned centuries-old policies, declaring an end to expansions and abandoning far-flung territories. Hadrian was an enthusiastic patron of the arts, a champion of the common Roman and a tireless…
I, Caesar - Constantine
Constantine revitalized a fading empire and built a glittering new capital that would stand for over 1,000 years. But his strongest legacy is religious; his conversion to Christianity put an…
I, Caesar - Justinian
He lived more than 500 years after Caesar. He ruled from Constantinople, not Rome. But Justinian restored the Empire to its former glory one last time. He sent his armies…