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I, Anna
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I, Anna

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Comments (12)

Anonymous picture

Just not believable that she would ever show up @ the singles place a second time after such a traumatic experience. Nobody would ever do that.

Anonymous picture

Excellent movie!

Anonymous picture

Pretty dark but Charlotte Rampling is great!

Anonymous picture

I thought it was totally absorbing and believable. It WAS underacted and muted, but it was well acted. I would recommend it.

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Anonymous picture

Editing too choppy given the flashbacks are doled out in bits and pieces. Lost interest half way through. Why was Anna calm and collected when meeting Bernie the first time, supposedly right after fleeing the murder scene? Why wasn't her lipstick smeared as when she left the apartment? So ...Read more

Anonymous picture

What a tortured woman! gripping, great acting.

Lynn avatar

Will watch anything with Charlotte Rampling, but this was a bit of a bore.

Anonymous picture

Pay attention to what is taking place during the first half hour of the movie as these events flash back as the movie progresses. An interesting twist on who done it.

Anonymous picture

Worth watching. Well done. However , you really do need to see it all the way through. If you do not care for the actors or genre , best miss it. Be well

Anonymous picture

30 minutes! I couldn't see where this was going!

Anonymous picture

Wow, but then anything with Charlotte Rampling is gonna be WOW