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Goya's Ghosts
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Goya's Ghosts

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Comments (9)

Anonymous picture

Very entertaining, enjoyed this very much.

Anonymous picture

In broad strokes it outlines the history of Spain at the time. An entertaining if somewhat overwrought plot.

Anonymous picture

Sorry, but aside from the great sets and costumes Goya's Ghosts has little to offer. This made up story is preposterous. Poor Goya; his name is hitched to a bad movie that has little to do with his life.

Anonymous picture

Exceptional! Great cast, and settings. I really enjoyed it.

Anonymous picture

Great movie in many aspects. I was looking to see more about Goya the painter but was surprised to learn about the Inquisition and persecution of Jews.

Anonymous picture

Olivia, I agree. The plot was a bit overdone but still a wonderful period piece and a fascinating look at the upheaval in Spain.

Anonymous picture

A terrific movie. Thank you Kanopy

Anonymous picture

The costumes and strong cast are distracting enough that make up for what I thought was an ill-paced plot but it kept my attention and I'd recommend it to those that enjoy period dramas.

Simon avatar

Really great movie! Well worth watching!