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Give Up Tomorrow
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Give Up Tomorrow

Simultaneously a murder-mystery and an expose of endemic corruption today, GIVE UP TOMORROW looks intimately at the case of Paco Larranaga, a student accused of killing two sisters on the provincial island of Cebu. In a way that is both specific to the country and disquietingly universal, the film exposes a Kafkaesque extravaganza populated by flamboyantly crooked public officials, cops on the take, and a frenzied legal and media circus.

GIVE UP TOMORROW is also an intimate family drama focused on the near mythic struggle of two angry, sorrowful mothers who have dedicated more than a decade to executing or saving one young man. Their irreconcilable versions of justice play out in a controversial case, dubbed "The Trial of the Century", that ends a country's use of capital punishment, yet fails to free an innocent man.

GIVE UP TOMORROW is an Emmy Award nominated documentary for Outstanding Investigative Journalism, a Tribeca Film Festival award-winner and a finalist for the Puma Impact Award.