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The Girl on the Train
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The Girl on the Train

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Comments (16)

Stuart avatar

Not my cup of tea.

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Anonymous picture

Pretty much a jumbled waste of time.

Anonymous picture

i saw the movie in the cinema when it first came out. I was drawn in, i liked everything about it.

Anonymous picture

long, boring dialogue. point?

Anonymous picture

Please! Gave up halfway through this movie which I would describe as Noir Woody Allen Wannabee But Ain't! Just because the location is New York and is rife with existential jabbering about life, death, sex and ...well, life, death and sex. Felt so sorry for Cusick who is good actor, does ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I enjoyed this film. I liked the twists in the plot. The narrative of the film left me wondering about police procedures. There is talent in New York. I would recommend this film.

Anonymous picture

this is a ripoff. Couldnt understand the voices from the beginning and it isnt the book. How could they produce two films with the same title?

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

I COMPLETELY DISAGREE WITH YOU HERE. IF you fhink about it, everything in art is a copycat. Shakespeare even tells you in the beginning of his plays who will die It's not about the END it's about getting there. I haven't seen all of this movie yet but when I finish it, I'll be back here on ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I kept screaming at the screen, "hey guy, you're not interesting!"

Anonymous picture

WTF! I thought there were ethical standards regarding film titles. This has nothing to do with "The Girl on the Train" don't be fooled by the title. this is not even watchable!! Ok, Just found out this film was made a year before the book of the same title. So nothing unethical, just a ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Thought it was same as the book . Stopped watching.

Anonymous picture

Waste of film

Anonymous picture

I loved it

Lynn avatar

I thought it was going to be about the novel, so was confused and disappointed.

Anonymous picture

Not the most visually stimulating movie, but the story itself is interesting enough. LOVE THE DIALOGUE.