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The Garden Of Earthly Delights
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The Garden Of Earthly Delights

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Comments (7)

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A mixed bag. The home video framing device occasionally had a nice immediacy, and imparted a dreamlike quality when it worked, but for the most emotional scenes it had a cold artifice. 3 stars overall.

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Waste of time. I just felt sorry for the land lord after the mess they left behind in the rental place.

Anonymous picture

Utter nonsense. Totally boring. Pretentious. Don't waste your time.

Anonymous picture

Thoughtful movie full of feelings. Video quality is part of the attempt at an authentic documentation of an ordinary couple's experience of a life coming to an end. The message of the movie is that we ought not let a tradition of forbidden experience under the pain of everlasting ...Read more

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I was lost watching this movie and stopped after 20 or so minutes into the movie. It is over rated with 4 starts. For a movie set in Venice the quality of the film is poor more like an amateurish filming with a camcorder.

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