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The First Christians
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The First Christians

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4 episodes in this series

Episode 1 Jesus' Many Faces
HOUR ONE examines how Judaism and the Roman empire shaped Jesus' life. Jesus was an ordinary Jewish resident of his time, but new archaeological findings show that Jesus was probably…
Episode 2 A Portrait of Jesus' World
HOUR TWO explores the period after the crucifixion of Jesus and traces the beginnings of the Jesus Movement, in those early years before it was called Christianity: The Jesus Movement…
Episode 3 The Story of the Storytellers
HOUR THREE follows the story of the first attempts to write the life of Jesus--the Gospels: The Gospels were products of social and religious reconstruction in the period after the…
Episode 4 The First Christians
HOUR FOUR chronicles how the Christian movement - as it became separate from Judaism-would face new challenges--both internal and external. In the period between 100 and 300 C.E., the Christian…

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I feel for those who have no spiritual prospective living in this fleshly dream. World events and social unrest are clearly manifesting the truths which are written in scripture. This country and it false profits for profits will be conspicuously be infested with lesion over whole of their ...Read more