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FRONTLINE - Country Boys Part 3
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FRONTLINE - Country Boys Part 3
Part of the Series: FRONTLINE - Country Boys

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FRONTLINE - Country Boys Part 1
Both 16, Chris lives with parents, grandma, brother, sister, in a run-down trailer; Cody, an orphan, lives happily with his grandmother.
FRONTLINE - Country Boys Part 2
Chris sets goals: good grades. But at home, he can't take his parents arguing. And Cody fears he'll be separated from his step-grandmother.
FRONTLINE - Country Boys Part 3
He needs to earn money, but a broken car means no job. Teachers convince him to get GED. Cody talks to his pastor about being a preacher.

Comments (1)

John avatar

Emphysema anyone? It's bad enough they live in a coal mining town where Black Lung is common, but you gotta add smokers cough to it too?! So much smoking going on in these 3 docs, I even started/developed a cough towards the end!