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First Winter
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First Winter

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Comments (9)

Anonymous picture

What was this? One of the worst movies I have ever watched. I wish I had read the reviews first.

s avatar

This is not a bad movie. The pace is slower but I'm not sure why reviewers hate it so much.

Anonymous picture

so boring! A bunch of useless millennial in the country... nothing look real... such a lack of realness

Anonymous picture

They saw the mushroom cloud over the city and then said nothing else about it through the entire movie? What the hell was happening? Everyone is dying and killing a baby deer restores the entire community? Waste of time movie.

Anonymous picture

Not a movie I would recommended if you value your precious time here on Earth. After watching the movie I have sworn off home preserved [canned] food.

Anonymous picture

Terrible movie

kanopy33 avatar

Crude and often disgusting, both visually and idealistically.

Jenny avatar

Watched it to the end out of curiosity .... 90 minutes of my time wasted! Beautiful scenery though.

Anonymous picture

It definitely contemplates the "superficiality and fragility" of modern civilization. However, this is captured at the very beginning of the movie and so why it then carries this theme for an hour and a half is meaningless and mindless. There is no 'story' here.