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It was a good story however it felt like it was done by a bunch of film students or some local people with a hand held camera. It did not feel like a professional film done by even a teeny tiny film studio.

Byravan avatar

One of the saddest movies I have seen. Excellent acting by all three girls. Mother and two daughters characters. Dictators and politicians bring about pain suffering and loss all over the world. They are almost all men. How very tragic is this world. There is no time nor reason to laugh until ...Read more

Anonymous picture

i felt this had great potential but the overacting was really amateurish. unfortunately i couldn't finish watching...

Anonymous picture

not finishing was your loss...

Anonymous picture

yes - my loss of a credit wasted ;)

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

i COMPLETELY disagree with you here. After i finished watching this gem I realized one thing. THe cinematography. It is a true example of cinematography. The way that they utilized the camera. Perfect. Completely disagree.