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The Falls: Covenant of Grace
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The Falls: Covenant of Grace

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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

I enjoyed all three movies, too!

Anonymous picture

I enjoyed all 3 movies.

Anonymous picture

Nice movie!!

Anonymous picture

If you enjoy the company of completely awkward and needy people banter on about nothing, including stinky breath in crystal clarity you will enjoy this movie. It just put me to sleep and the characters lacked integrity and that annoys me.

Rich avatar

It was very slow and easily could have been combined into two movies. I did like all the characters and found it very believable. It's worth watching.

Anonymous picture

Laconic: a nice way of saying slow. Writing is thin with way to many Hi, Bi, Sorry type words. In the end Still worth the watch especially for a gay LDS. You will need towatch all 3 movies sequentially. Cheers.

Anonymous picture

A well-acted movie, but it is predictable. It lacks tension. It lacks spontaneity. And why is it "restricted"?