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City of Tomorrow
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City of Tomorrow
Part of the Series: American Experience: New York

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The Country and the City - 1609-1825
The series begins by identifying the key themes that shaped New York's history: commerce and capitalism, diversity and democracy, transformation and creativity. The episode charts the development of the city…
Order and Disorder - 1825-1865
Already established as America's premier port, New York City swelled into the nation's greatest industrial metropolis as a massive wave of German and Irish immigration turned the city into one…
Sunshine and Shadow - 1865-1898
Now the spotlight shines on the growth, glamour and grief of New York during America's giddy postwar "Gilded Age." Exploring the incomparable wealth of the robber barons and the unabashed…
The Power and the People - 1898-1918
As New York spilled into the new century, the extraordinary interplay of capitalism, democracy and transformation surged to a climax. During a single generation, over 10 million immigrants arrived in…
Cosmopolis - 1918-1931
During the fifth episode, the post-war economic boom, the rise of consumer culture, and the birth of new mass-media industries fuel the convergence of an incredible array of human and…
City of Tomorrow - 1929-1945
In little more than ten years, immense new forces were unleashed in New York, from the Depression itself to the New Deal, which permanently altered the city and the country.…
The City and the World - 1945-2000
In exploring the social, economic and physical forces that swept through the city in the post-war period, Episode Seven examines the great African-American migration and Puerto Rican immigration of the…
The Center of the World: Part 1
In this episode, we see the story behind the rise and fall of the World Trade Center.
The Center of the World: Part 2
In this episode, we see the story behind the rise and fall of the World Trade Center.