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Education Inc.
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Education Inc.
The Privatization of American Public Education

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Alex avatar

Michigan billionaire Betsy DeVos was confirmed today as Secretary of Education, with Vice President Pence casting the tie-breaking vote. It was the first time in U.S. history that a vice president has had to resolve a tie on a cabinet nomination.

Throughout the confirmation process, ...Read more

Anonymous picture

In just a few days, over 450 school districts in 25 states will hold school board elections. What’s at stake in these often overlooked races? More than you might imagine.

It's our hope that this film brings much-needed clarity to the increasingly heated and often confusing debate over ...Read more

Lauren avatar

Congratulations to MEF and the team behind Education Inc for winning The National Academy of TV Arts & Sciences Heartland Chapter Emmy Award for Best Topical Documentary!

Anonymous picture

A bit too much emphasis at the local level. Broader issue of the privitization of public schools needed.