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The Driller Killer
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The Driller Killer

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Janice avatar

Take a bunch of disjointed, unpleasant and/or inexplicable clips and you have this insult masquerading as a film. Just because it's weird doesn't make it artsy or avant-garde. Its most redeeming feature is that it serves as a cautionary tale about anorexia.

Anonymous picture

Ferrara's stuff always worth seeing, even if it isn't perfect. It has strange edges, weird perceptiveness, and when you start to think it is just mindless thrash and blood, it suddenly throws an odd bit of acting or writing at you that makes you think. Denser and more unique than it may ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Agreed and well put. Ferrara is one of those filmmakers, for me, whose work I am always keen to watch yet hardly ever more than once.
Going through his films is also like watching a simultaneous documentary of New York street life. He complements his subversive material with an ...Read more