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The Dinner
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The Dinner
I nostri ragazzi

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Comments (10)

Karen avatar

Bad ending. Total waste of time and unlikeable characters. Didn't read the book, but it must not do it justice.


Wow - I did not see that ending coming. I was also wrong about what I thought each brother would ultimately do.

Anonymous picture

It was a riveting, complex film, but I did feel cheated in the end. If it went the way I think it did it's worth a sequel about how things are going to be much worse now.

Anonymous picture

I liked the novel by Herman Koch better, but still this was a riveting film. The ending was abrupt and too easy, considering the complexity of the moral dilemma the parents faced. Still, well worth watching.

Anonymous picture

It's interesting how different this is than the book and the American film version.

Anonymous picture

I enjoyed being wrong about the characters, that I had pegged them to be a certain way but in the end the tables turn.

Anonymous picture

I agree 100%.

Anonymous picture

The movie really signifies the importance of family ties within Italian culture and how these ties often work together. While at the same time showing the cracks within the society.

Anonymous picture

A withering portrayal of the well off in western society, not just Italy. Complex characters who turn out to be very different than initial impressions.

Mary avatar

The ending left me feeling robbed, but overall, a beautiful film.