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Kurîpî: Itsuwari no rinjin

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"Creepy" is definitely worth a watch, but it's somewhat disappointing. I found Kurosawa's "Cure" to be haunting, scary & perplexing. "Creepy" is a more straightforward mystery/thriller, full of foreboding and gloom, but it also suffers from some seriously sloppy plotting. It's one of ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Nothing "creepy" about this. It's just a lot of clumsiness from start to finish. The title should be "Gullible". Also, the pacing is trying too hard to get viewers to the end of this dull movie. The plot twist is a bore but this film would be worse without it.

Anonymous picture

Before looking at the credits, I read the comments and thought to myself, I bet this is a Kiyoshi Kurosawa film. He has that effect on people. Sure enough! One of my favorites, but also a polarizing film maker to be sure. If you're into deliberate pacing, atmosphere over cheap scares, not ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Too silly. Too simplistic.

Anonymous picture

Agree with Susie's view.

Anonymous picture

Wonderfully horrific. Worth the time.

Anonymous picture

Disappointing, and doens't make sense. A lot of unanswered questions, etc.

Anonymous picture

Lost interest mid way through the movie as I am not sure where the plot is leading to and just fast forwarded to the end.

Anonymous picture

Just when you think you know everything, they masterfully twist it on you.

Dylan avatar

Who knew plastic wrap could be terrifying?! Horror fans know that Japan is producing the most innovative films in this genre, and "Creepy" is no exception. This psychological thriller about family discord is sure to shock and surprise. It all comes together at the end.