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Surprisingly effective and enjoyable low-budget thriller. It gets a little lost in the weeds with the (pseudo-)science talk, but I bought in and had a lot of fun watching it. 4 stars

Janice avatar

Inexplicable. Better to spend your time watching "Night of the Comet", a comedic treatment of the aftermath of a close encounter with a comet.

Anonymous picture

An entertaining flick that will be an enjoyable watch for any fans of the genre.

Anonymous picture

Quantum decoherence!

Anonymous picture

Like Shane Carruth's debut Primer (one of my all-time favorite films), Coherence is an example of a low budget movie consisting mostly of people talking that manages to be a gripping, and chilling sci-fi film that will bend your mind and leave you guessing what happens next. A movie that will ...Read more

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TV movie headache