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City Of Life And Death
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City Of Life And Death

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This film, in my opinion, accurately depicts the traumatizing and unforgettable effects of war on non-combatants, and the complacency of subordinate soldiers when witnessing war crimes, however disturbed by them they may be. This movie is hard to watch, but a must see.

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After watching this movie, I wondered whether or not Christopher Nolan was influenced by it when he made "Dunkirk." Like "Dunkirk," this movie spends very little time on exposition and characterization, and just presents events, one horrible vignette after another, and the corrosive effects ...Read more

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I have read Lord Russel's " Knights of Bushido" and the details of what the Japanese did with their civilian and military prisoners. That was quite horrific and I had to skip pages. This film shows the close up and intimate aspects of the victims. It also depicts the human side of the ...Read more

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It is inappropriate and frankly revolting that you chose to go out of your way to comment twice on the beauty of actresses in a movie about women being subjected to lethal sexual violence en masse--in your review of that movie, no less.

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Painful and true although many of the most bestial horrors of Nanking have not been depicted(the bayonet murders for example). The Japanese army killed more civilians than allied soldiers .The cruelty of those deeds in the conquered lands is only now half admitted to.

Iris Chang's ...Read more

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Excellent movie!

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One of the best, if not the best period movies I've seen. Beautiful and horrifying.

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Difficult to watch, yet simply incredible.