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The Cave Of The Yellow Dog
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The Cave Of The Yellow Dog

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

This is a wonderful movie. I've been with the nomads in Mongolia, ridden with them, lived with them and l loved the movie.

Anonymous picture

This has a slow start, but it is a tender story with a loving Mongolian family and how the child finds a dog and tries to keep it after her father believed it kills sheep. The story line is simple, but what is more interesting is viewing their way of nomadic life.

Anonymous picture

This is a beautiful story depicting the life style of a nomadic peasant family in the harsh but beautiful countryside of Mongolia.How the actions a outcast dog coming to the rescue of the youngest child in imminent danger endears himself to the father and becomes a new and loyal member of ...Read more

Anonymous picture

What a beautiful and sweet movie!

Anonymous picture

very slow and earnest...a great view into an amazing way of life.

Anonymous picture

my thoughts exactly!!!