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The Canal
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The Canal

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Anonymous picture

This is one excellent horror masterpiece of fright. The various visuals sent shivers up and down my spine, making the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up. With the intense sound effects and eerie music, the entire experience becomes almost unbearable. The overall acting is superb, ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Not bad. The last few minutes....omg.

Anonymous picture

A genre exercise that is decidedly a cut above. The key isn't the number of jump scares or the (somewhat hoary) conceit of "haunted ground", but how economically the plot machinations are tweaked and then elaborated upon. That, and Rupert Evans is quite good as the father whose sanity, along ...Read more

Chris avatar

well done...creepy unravel piece, slow start....but great finish.

Anonymous picture

High Five! The story was well written. They used a little bit of the 'Ring' scene, but still pulled it off. Love these psychological teasers.

Anonymous picture

a few good jump scares and its a slow burn but last 15 or so minutes is creepy reccomended.please add more horror movies kanopy

Anonymous picture

Brutal, just brutal. This will give you nightmares. Creepy and atmospheric but this is so derivative and disjointed I wasn't sure if I was watching a supernatural or psychological thriller. Reminds me of Session 9, a movie filmed in the Danvers State Mental hospital in Massachusetts. Very ...Read more

Anonymous picture


Every house, a film.
On this reel, a history
of dread and fury.

Chai avatar

I little all over the place. Slow in some parts, and then really surreal and unexpected in only one other. Felt sort of inconsistent, neither scary nor too intense. I applaud the visual delivery and performances but the story--slow, distracted, and predictable--could use some more work. It ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Pretty blatant rip-off of Ringu/The Ring in places, but it's executed well enough and has a few creepy moments. Worth a look.