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Buried Secrets - Season 1

Buried Secrets - Season 1
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4 episodes in this series

Episode 1 Hardin Cemetery Disaster
It was a flood of biblical proportion rampaging for two months, cutting a swath across 9 Midwestern states killing 50 people and destroying or damaging 55,000 homes. Hardin, Missouri, population…
Episode 2 Music Hall Bones
From as early as 1876, there were rumors of ghosts inhabiting the building that now houses the Cincinnati Symphony, so when a night watchman would tell of his sightings nearly…
Episode 3 Infamous Colorado Cannibal
In November 1873, a party of 21 prospectors left Salt Lake City and headed towards the mountains. Two months later, they arrived at the Ute Indian encampment where they were…
Episode 4 Mass Graves of Guatemala
Guatemala for nearly 36 years was also a country ripped apart by a brutal civil war between the military government and the rural Mayan population. In 1996, the United Nations…