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Bolivia / Faces of Change collection

Bolivia / Faces of Change collection
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Andean Women
Aymara women voice a common paradox. In the film they express agreement with the dominant Hispanic ideal that women should be subservient to men and assigned to tasks appropriate to…
The Children Know
The deep division in Andean society between rural and townspeople begins at birth, is perpetuated by the schools and continues throughout life. The film evidences the discrimination faced by the…
Magic and Catholicism
The people of the Bolivian highlands blend in thought and practice the traditional magic of the region and the religion of their conquerors. A fatal automobile accident, coincident with the…
Potato Planters
An Aymara family plants potatoes, prepares and eats a meal, and discusses the religious and astronomical forces that control their destiny. The stark routine of this typical planting day contrasts…
Spirit Possession of Alejandro Mamani
An old Bolivian man nears the end of his life. He has property and status, but not contentment. Believing himself posessed by evil spirits, he opens his heart to reveal…
Viracocha features mestizos and campesinos in the Andean highlands interacting within a near-subsistance economic system. Market days and fiestas provide opportunities for Spanish-speaking mestizos, alternately benign and abusive, to assert…