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Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy
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Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy

Buoyed by their profound friendship, two women with disabilities defy all odds to live independently in their own house.

A rare look at a crises in an unusual relationship between two women with disabilities. The story moves beyond disability and activism to acceptance of a profound, symbiotic friendship. Shot in an intimate, verite style, it allows the viewer into a private world.

Directed by Academy Award-nominee Alice Elliott, Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy appeared nationally on PBS and won international recognition. It was selected by the US State Department to travel to Uzbekistan. The film has received a nomination from the International Documentary Association for the Distinguished Short Documentary Award and the TASH Positive Images in Media Award.

Running Time
81 mins
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Diana and I are still friends and enjoy going to conferences and traveling together. Kathy passed away in 2009. Diana continues to live in the house they shared. She remains an advocate and activist. Recently, she made a short film with me about using technology. She teaches a young ...Read more