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Bitter Moon
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Bitter Moon

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Comments (9)

Anonymous picture

OMG this SUCKS!! embarrassingly CRINGY! the dialogue was written by a junior high school student attempting to write their first movie script and the girl is awful- the dance scene was so hard to watch I had to turn if off. YIKES!

Anonymous picture

Total tripe. Polanski, it seems, is one mixed bag.

Anonymous picture

Is it not odd that no one wants to talk about a director who was convicted by a California jury of the rape of a teenager? A powerful individual who fled to France to escape sentencing and incarceration and who -- years later -- was awarded an honorary Oscar? And a standing ovation led by ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Finally, I saw this EXCELLENT film!

Anonymous picture

what a surprise ending !

Anonymous picture

Quite an interesting movie. Very entertaining.

Anonymous picture

"forever's a long time, baby" The only thing worse than the script is the acting, particularly Coyote and Seigner. The only thing worse than the acting and the script is the direction. It's no wonder people have treated this film like a comedy. Too bad, because the novel it's based on is a ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I am an unconditional fan of this movie since the first time I saw it, even if now I feel it a little too long, but still delivers lot of fun

Anonymous picture

...ummm...pehaps they should have added one more song to the
soundtrack..."love hurts" where near as good as his "the Pianist"
but at least a shorter slough than that god-awful "Tess"....