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Comments (16)

Anonymous picture

what exactly is the point of this film?

Anonymous picture

I have wanted to see this for the last couple of years...beautifully executed.

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Janice avatar

Simply 17 minutes of hate, violence and death. I don't understand the glowing reviews by others. Despite what this story wants to tell you, you can rise above the evil of your surroundings. It happens every day. Seriously fucked up ending.

Anonymous picture
Honey Lane

wooow! beautifully done. story is really good

Anonymous picture

The dysfunction portrayed is haunting. Highly recommended viewing.

Anonymous picture

Not at all what I expected. In fact everytime I thought it would fall into worn out tropes, it surprised me. Well written, acted and filmed. The ending will stay with me for a long time.

Anonymous picture

The film does a great job of questioning our perceptions and assumptions of things we may not know or see.

Ariel avatar

Heartbreaking and riveting, there's so much to unpack from this eye-opening 17 minute short. I'm amazed such emotion could be conveyed in such a brief period!

Nicholas avatar

This movie packs more heart and humanity and horror into 17 minutes than most can dilute into 2 hours. Beautiful.

Anonymous picture

Loved it!

Anonymous picture

Great storyline of perspectives that are almost always overlooked. It's a touch of 'imperialistic nostalgia' that exists within alleged good deeds and poorly constructed identities. Really enjoyed the short but emotional journey that of course ends in a cleaned up justification.

Ester avatar

Powerful and sad. Enjoyed watching.

Anna avatar

Chilling. Must watch 'til the end!

Anonymous picture

I was inspired to watch this by the review below but am still feeling completely thrown by the dramatic and unexpected ending. Days later I'm still working through all the complex themes this film manages to address in 17mins. Deserving of all the accolade it has received.

Lisa avatar

The script is incredibly sophisticated, effortlessly interweaving unrequited love, cultural miscommunication and the profound effect one's lived experience has on their perception of the world.

Both young women put in amazing performances, and the direction and cinematography are ...Read more