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Antonia's Line
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Antonia's Line

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Comments (13)

Anonymous picture
Ruth Ann

This has been my most loved movie since it came out over twenty years ago. I was so excited to see it on Kanopy. I categorize it as a hero movie and recommend it to all women, all ages.

Anonymous picture

lovely. very special.

Anonymous picture

whimsical bordering on magical realism. if you like that kind of thing you may enjoy this

Anonymous picture

I lived in San Francisco for 18 years.That kind of magic really does exist. I wished I had never left.

Anonymous picture

Not my kind of movie.

Karen avatar

Wonderful wonderful wonderful.

Anonymous picture

Moving, funny, poignant. A real treat.

Anonymous picture

Wow, what a great film. The score was absolutely perfect. Nothing has come to an end...

Anonymous picture

A formidable philosophical tale on life. Amazing feminine characters. Worth watching.

Anonymous picture

I love this film and hope to see it again in another 10 yrs.

Anonymous picture

Favorite movie of all time

Anonymous picture

I just love Antonia - how she is true to herself and seems to rise above other's judgments or opinions. A gem of a film that stays with you and can be revisited again and again.

Anonymous picture

so true!