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Specifically designed for a high school/introductory college science course, this series explores key topics on human biology and the body and helps instructors to teach challenging concepts. The films are a great asset for teachers and teachers in training to use to integrate video into their lesson plans to capture the attention of students and enhance learning. The programs utilize digital videography and detailed animations to explain complicated concepts about the way the human body functions, and are accompanied by teacher's materials. The videos in the series include: Skin, Skeletal, and Muscular Systems, Exploring the Digestive and Excretory Systems, Investigating Circulation, Respiration, The Amazing Nervous System, Senses, Investigating the Immune System, Reproduction and Development, Essential Nutrition, and Maintaining a Healthy Body.

Running Time
209 mins
Nb videos
10 videos included

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Anonymous picture

A little outdated because it uses the "Food Pyramid" and not the current "myPlate" USDA food plan.