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Alan and Naomi Part 1
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Alan and Naomi

Alan is a typically streetwise Brooklyn teenager of the 1940s. Naomi is a French-Jewish refugee of Nazi oppression, recently moved into the apartment above Alan's. Ever since witnessing the murder of her father, Naomi has remained in a catatonic state. Alan's well-meaning efforts to help the girl at first seem to do more harm than good.

But eventually the boy's sincerity and hitherto untapped compassion win out, and the two young people form a strong, unbreakable bond.

Running Time
98 mins
Nb videos
2 videos included

Comments (1)

Anonymous picture

I clicked on the title of part two first to get info about it and IT STARTED PLAYING!!! I click on the titles to get info, not to start watching it! But it started. So I watched it. Ugh. She constantly screamed! Like a banshee.Traumatized girl and the mensch who befriended her.
I ...Read more