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Accounting and Finance—Decision-Making Tools
Episode 25 of Critical Business Skills for Success
This introductory lecture unpacks some key concepts in accounting and finance; dispels some common myths about accounting; and gives you a helpful overview of three essential statements companies routinely prepare to communicate critical financial data to shareholders and owners.
Basics of Finance 2: The Balance Sheet Explained
Part of the Series: Accounting and Finance Collection
Jay expands his financial enlightenment. The profit and loss account (as described in The Basics Of Finance I: Are We Making A Profit) tells him a lot, but only the balance sheet will reveal to him the overall "financial health"…
Full Disclosure vs. Effective Disclosure: Your Responsibility
Course Overview From potential investors to management, the users of financial statements expect to be completely aware of a company's financial situation. Against the background of recent FASB commentary and the possibility of a new disclosure framework, Bruce Pounder distinguishes…
Finance In Business II: Established Business
Part of the Series: Accounting and Finance Collection
How does the established business get finance? Dave Nellist makes the points, illustrated by real-life case studies. SALES REVENUE is, of course, the best finance a business can have, because it's self generated. "Retained profits" can be ploughed back into…
Accounting and Finance Collection
This collection contains 7 playlist
12 videos
Why It's Necessary to Keep Up with FASB's Agenda
Course Overview Besides its agenda of joint projects with international standard setters, the FASB continues to propose, and issue, changes to its Accounting Standards Codification. Loscalzo Associates' John Fleming analyzes the impact that several recent FASB releases - from going…