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Rina Sherman

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Phill Niblock - A Conversation with Minimalist Composer and Intermedia Artist
A portrait of Phill Niblock, American composer, pioneer of drone music, filmmaker and director of avant-garde music foundation Experimental Intermedia in NYC, who has since the 60s been developing a multidisciplinary body of work, mostly performed by himself, with Minimalist…
J. P. Donleavy, I Write About People I Like - A Conversation with Author J.P. Donleavy
A portrait of pre-eminent literary bohemian, J. P. Donleavy, Irish-American novelist and playright, author of the best-selling cult novel "The Ginger Man", one of the Modern Library 100 best novels, banned in Ireland and the United States by reason of…
Tchitundu-Hulu Rock Art - Paintings and Engravings of Angola, Africa
The films show unique and rare images of the Tchitundu-Hulu Rock paintings and engravings in south western Angola, are one of the finest collections of prehistoric artwork in the world. Set in the two caves on the large granite "Sacred…
Michel Brault, The Cinema is What You Want it to Be - A Conversation with Filmmaker Michel Brault
A portrait of cinematographer and filmmaker Michel Brault, who was a pioneer of "direct cinema" and of the cinema "du Quebec libre". His wide angle handheld filming walking and synchronous sound revolutionized the technique and aesthetics of filming, from documentary…