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The Saver
In this gripping drama, 16-year old Fern sets out to fight for life on her own terms after her mother's sudden death. However, she soon learns that she needs community more than money to survive. Winner of Best Actress (Imagyn…
Sound Asleep
On Declan's sixth birthday, his baby brother Michael dies in his crib from sudden infant death syndrome. His birthday forgotten, and not understanding what "dead" is, Declan experience's the death of his brother only through his parents' grief, frozen in…
Sorry, Rabbi
After a fight with his girlfriend, Josh finds himself confronted by a group of angry Hasidic Jews.
File Under Miscellaneous
A short film set in a dystopian future where Natives undergo gruesome surgery to fit into the dominant white culture. Inspired by Pablo Neruda's poem "Walking Around." *Warning: contains graphic content
Last Woman Standing - Two Friends Fight for a Chance at an Olympic Medal
This documentary follows Ariane Fortin and Mary Spencer, two world champion Canadian boxers and former friends, who must fight each other for a chance to win gold at the 2012 Olympics.