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Cuban Roots/Bronx Stories
Cuban Roots/Bronx Stories highlights the historical journey of an Afro-Cuban-American family, from Jamaica, to Cuba, to the Bronx, revealing that the Cuban-American experience is more diverse, racially and ideologically, than we are often led to believe. Diana, Ruben, and Pablo…
Disobeying Orders - GI Resistance to the Vietnam War
Disobeying Orders: GI Resistance to the Vietnam War tells the story of Vietnam Veterans who came home from the war committed anti-war activists. Interviews with Black and white veterans, including a Navy nurse who was court-martialed for her opposition to…
Remembering the Mamoncillo Tree - Recordando el Mamoncillo
Every second Sunday of July from the early 1960s until today Cubans and lovers of Cuban music have gathered in New York City for the Recordando el Mamoncillo Festival. Organized by el Club Cubano, "El Mamoncillo" is not just a…
With a Stroke of the Chaveta - Con el Toque de la Chaveta
With a Stroke of the Chaveta takes viewers into the legendary cigar factories of Cuba to witness the unique practice of "la lectura de tabaqueria", the collective reading of literature, while tabaqueros roll cigars.