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Valentina - Life in a Roma Neighborhood in Macedonia
Valentina lives among her extended family in the poor quarters of a Roma neighborhood in Macedonia. The ten-year-old girl is a tomboy and a highly gifted storyteller. Via quirky anecdotes, surreal daydreams and painful memories, Valentina introduces us to her…
Day in, day out, Mr. Grimm is busy with his job as the Reaper, harvesting people's lives. One day, his monotonous existence is interrupted by the door bell. It's a little girl. She wants her cat back. Little does she…
Bär (Bear)
A grandchild recounts his grandfather's difficult past and the burden of his own inheritance. Winner of the Grand Jury Prize for World Cinema Shorts at the Indianapolis International Film Festival .
Looking for something to eat, a homeless woman sneaks into a man's apartment. When she is almost caught, she hides in his closet. But instead of leaving the apartment, she gets interested in the man and starts to secretly live…
Barely out of her teens, dependent on her family and extremely nearsighted, Monika desperately wants to pass her driving test. She undertakes a risky eye laser operation which fails and she loses her sight. Her fragile mother cracks under the…
Fabian and Marie share a magical moment on the subway. When Marie departs, Fabian fights for his love and chases Marie through Stuttgart. Official Selection at the Cannes Film Festival .
Apfelbaum (Apple tree)
To prevent his apples from rolling down to his neighbour's house, a gardener builds a wall next to his apple tree in this stop-motion animated short.
Von Hunden und Pferden
Rolf has a deep affection for his dog Piet who is sadly diagnosed with hip dysplasia. An operation could save the dog but would cost a lot of money. In his desperation Rolf believes that his only chance is to…
A Collection of Contemporary German Film Shorts
A Collection of Short Contemporary German films from Filmakademie. Clip #1: "Mobile" - Clip #2: "366 Tage" - Clip #3: "Ich bin's Helmut" - Clip #4: "Wedding Cake" - Clip #5: "Oh Sheep" - Clip #6: "Loom" - Clip #7:…
11 videos
Kindeseile (Child Rush)
Because of his cancer, Pavel has to intensify his chemotherapy. One of its side effects is the loss of fertility. The exhausting therapy is to start in five days. Pavel and Jasmin have only recently begun their relationship but they…
If an airplane encounters birds, the birds are normally on the losing end. But what if the airplane is smaller than the bird?
In the thirst for adventure, young teacher Daniel heads off to his first big journey around the world. But on his first stop in the Indonesian megacity Jakarta, Daniel is totally over challenged by the foreign culture. He loses sight…
Porn Punk Poetry
A male prostitute who almost forgot the meaning of real feelings is falling in love with a young girl. By her tenderness he's experiencing a feeling of warmth. His world is out of joint and he realizes he's just as…
An unknown girl breaks out of her daily grind by undergoing an intense audio-visual trip. Official Selection at the Cannes Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival .
Metamorphosen - Radioactive Contamination in Russia
Settled somewhere in nowhere in the south Ural region in Russia, the film tells the story of people living in one of the most radioactive contaminated spots on earth. Unknown to a wide public, this region was repeatedly irradiated by…
Hajo doesn't think much before he beats the living daylight out of somebody. Hajo is nineteen and very aggressive. Half a year ago he became a dad. He has to take care of his son instead of hanging out with…
Kieselstein (Pebble Stone)
While playing outside little Lisa builds together her own playfellow from various objects. But when her mother asks her to tidy up and come to dinner Lisa has a problem. Her new friend is not willing to be cleaned up.
In four episodes, the film portrays the encounters between "couch surfers" and their hosts in four different places in Europe. In Stuttgart, Swabian publisher Annette meets Pawel, a Polish happy go lucky, while in Spain, her niece Nina is expecting…
Nebel - Our Inner Hum
A station in thick fog, tracks that disappear into the white mists and a figure, waiting. In between patches of mist a fox appears, looking for a scent in the wind. And then: bluster, shimmer, silence. And more fog. Views…
Guy is a talented musician who dreams of becoming a rockstar. He has to decide between his existence in the shadow of anonymity with his young family and an intense life of fame and success.