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Andrew Wyeth - Self-Portrait - Snow Hill
Part of the Series: Artists of America Series
The authorized biography about one of the greatest painters the world has ever known, Andrew Wyeth. Sensitively narrated by actor Stacy Keach, this intimate self-portrait explores over 60 years of Mr. Wyeth's personal drama. Incorporating the artist's great works of…
Climb! Colorado
Part of the Series: Colorado Adventures Series
Colorado's Rocky Mountains provide some of the best and various types of rock climbing, which is why people come from all around the world to climb Colorado. This program takes us to Eldorado Canyon State Park where we meet Jenny…
The Sad Story of the Banana - Dangers of Pesticide Abuse
Part of the Series: Global Issues Series
"Highly Recommended. This is the real story behind the cosmetic banana; the perfect flawless fruit that appears on tables everywhere. Although the sub-title highlights dangers of pesticide abuse, the program covers broader issues regarding banana plantations in Central America. It…
Dreamfield: The Story of the "Field of Dreams"
Part of the Series: Great American Sports Stories Series
CINE Golden Eagle Award Gold Apple Award -NEMN Awards "A luminous, heart warming piece of film making." -Ray Richmond, L.A. Daily News "A warm slice of Americana." -Milton Kent, The Baltimore Sun "A must-see!" -Dee Dee Myers, Author/Former White House…
Fritz Scholder: Painting the Paradox
Part of the Series: Artists of America Series
This is an impressionist study of Fritz Scholder (Luseino, 1937-2005), who was one of America's most respected Native American artists. Directed by the best-selling author Paul Perry ("Saved by the Light" and "Mastering Miracles") and narrated by Pulitzer Prize winning…
Exploring the World: Morocco
Part of the Series: Exploring the World Series: Africa
Rabat is the modern capital of Morocco but its history dates back to the 7th century. Here we visit the Mohammed V mausoleum; the Hassan Mosque, the most famous landmark in Rabat; next we explore the old city, the Fes-el-Bali…
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Barbara Streisand
Part of the Series: ICONS: Big Star Profiles
Barbra Streisand began singling as a teenager to support her family, but it was thanks to the runaway success of her first film, "Funny Girl," that she was able to imagine the duel life of an actress and performer. Over…
Robert E. Lee - Beyond the Battles
Part of the Series: U.S. History Series
This is the authoritative documentary on Robert E. Lee, the famed military leader of the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Featuring the perspectives of America's leading Civil War historians, such as Pulitzer prize winner James M. McPherson, Gary W.…
Leonardo DiCaprio
Part of the Series: ICONS: Big Star Profiles
Named after the famous painter because his pregnant mother was viewing the works of da Vinci when she first felt baby son kick, the talented actor Leonard DiCaprio got his break in Hollywood at the age of sixteen. Playing the…
India: Auroville - From Utopia to Reality
Part of the Series: Global Issues Series
In Southern India there is a town where 2000 people hailing from 30 different countries are living up to their dream of a united human race. They believe that mankind has reached the threshold of a new consciousness, and are…
Diamonds in the Rough - Legacy of Japanese-American Baseball
Part of the Series: Great American Sports Stories Series
"A perfect example of what the game of baseball has meant to all Americans." -Ted Spencer, National Baseball Hall of Fame "Baseball, and an unlikely hero, sustained hope for Japanese-Americans interned in WW II." -Sports Illustrated "Highly Recommended. This is…
Part of the Series: Globetrotting Series
Buongiorno! And welcome to Globetrotting, where in this episode we take you to one of the most unforgettable countries in Europe, Italy. We visit the ruins of the ancient city Pompeii, pay tribute to the opera singer Luciano Pavarotti, and…
The Panama Canal Cruise
Part of the Series: Exploring the World Series
This program takes viewers on one of the most memorable cruises a person can ever experience - a voyage through history and the Panama Canal. This 10-hour cruise from ocean to ocean is a sailing experience like none other. Here…
The Life and Art of Bo Bartlett: Heartland
Part of the Series: Artists of America Series
Bo Bartlett painted for many years under the watchful eye of one of America's greatest artists, Andrew Wyeth. A protege of Wyeth, Bo shared a passion and understanding about painting that bonded him to Andrew in a truly unique way.…
Part of the Series: Globetrotting Series
Bundle up Globetrotters and join us in this episode for snow, mountains, polar bears, and so much more as we visit Canada, the second largest country by area in the world. You will delight in checking out the wild Calgary…
Boeing's First Great Success - the 737
Part of the Series: The Amazing World of Aviation
The Boeing 737 twin engine jetliner was to become Boeing's greatest success. Launched in 1967, the short range transport entered service the following year, and has remained in production ever since. In the 737, they have combined the best of…
The Life and Work of Frank Hurley
Part of the Series: Great Explorers Series
"Frank Hurley's pictures bring an ill-fated Antarctic voyage back to life - absolutely first-rate photojournalism by a cameraman who had no reasonable expectation of survival." -Time Magazine "Photography within the Antarctic Circle is a challenge. Among the attractions are the…
Alvar: His Vision and His Art
Part of the Series: Artists of Vision Series
This stirring and inspirational documentary celebrates the vision and art of one of Spain's major living artists, Alvar Sunol. One of the most collected artists in the world, with a loyal and growing following that now spans three generations he…
Brad Pitt
Part of the Series: ICONS: Big Star Profiles
Growing up in Missouri must have seemed a lifetime away from the bright lights and madness of Hollywood for Brad Pitt, but the star of movies, such as "Seven," "Kalifornia," "Ocean's Eleven" and its sequels, and "Inglorious Basterds" admits that…
J. K. Rowling
Part of the Series: ICONS: Big Star Profiles
The adventures of that certain boy wizard, Harry Potter, were enough to propel J.K Rowling into millionaire status, but by 2007 the story that began it all came to an end. Rowling said goodbye to the series with the launch…