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Song of the Basques - A Poetic Exploration of the Survival of Indigenous Identity in Spain
Their origins are unknown, their language one of the world's most ancient. They established one of the first democracies and led Europe's Age of Exploration, fueled the industrial revolution and then established Spain's first labor unions. Today they are the…
Amerikanuak - Spanish Basque Immigrants Living in the American West
Over half a century ago, many Basques left Spain, looking for a better life working as shepherds in the American West. The film reflects on the difficulties faced by these immigrants in a foreign land, their nostalgia for what was…
Asier and I - Portrait of a Former Basque Terrorist
When his childhood friend is released from imprisonment for his role in the Basque terrorist group ETA, director Aitor Merino sets out to tell the story. The film raises universal questions: can crime ever be justified? Can friendship transcend ideology…
Bertsolari - An Ancestral form of Basque Poetry
A remarkable and educational ethnographic documentary on Bertsolaritza, an ancestral, completely improvised form of Basque poetry. This oral tradition has skillfully evolved and adapted to the times, connecting with the youngest generations with its undeniable formal similarities to rap and…