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Lee Robinson

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King of the Coral Sea
When Ted King, captain of a pearling lugger discovers a body floating in the Torres Strait, he becomes unwittingly embroiled in a people smuggling plot. Determined to get to the bottom of the mystery he is joined by his first…
In Song and Dance - The 1964 Eisteddfod Performing Arts Competition
In 1964, communities from all over the Northern Territory sent performers to compete in the annual Eisteddfod - an amateur contest for choral groups, dancers and musicians. The host city of Darwin became a meeting place for men, women and…
Namatjira the Painter
Australian contemporary art has no more interesting tale to tell than that of Aboriginal watercolour artist, Albert Namatjira. Namatjira was thirty years old before his hand first held a paintbrush. In about 1934 Rex Battarbee, a well-known Australian artist, visited…