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John Marshall

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N!ai, The Story of a !Kung Woman
Part of the Series: !Kung Series Collection
This film provides a broad overview of Ju/'hoan life, both past and present, and an intimate portrait of N!ai, a Ju/'hoan woman who in 1978 was in her mid-thirties. N!ai tells her own story, and in so doing, the story…
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A Far Country
Part of the Series: Kalahari Family Collection
In 1951, the Marshall family set out to document the life of the Bushmen of the Kalahari. After a week of hard travel in desert-adapted vehicles, they met Toma Tsamkxao and his Ju/'hoan band in Nyae Nyae. In their own…
The Hunters
Part of the Series: !Kung Series Collection
This re-release of an early classic in anthropological film follows the hunt of a giraffe by four men over a five-day period. The film was shot in 1952-53 on the third joint Smithsonian-Harvard Peabody sponsored Marshall family expedition to Africa…
Bitter Melons
Part of the Series: !Kung Series Collection
This film, shot in 1955, focuses on a small band of /Gwi San living in the arid landscape of the central Kalahari Desert in present-day Botswana. The hardships of their everyday survival are woven into the songs of a blind…
!Kung Short Films Series
Part of the Series: !Kung Series Collection
Between 1950 and 1958, John Marshall made four expeditions to film the Ju/'hoansi (a group of !Kung Bushmen) of the Nyae Nyae region of Namibia (then South West Africa). Marshall and his family, who together undertook an extensive multi-disciplinary study…
16 videos
End of the Road
Part of the Series: Kalahari Family Collection
John Marshall is reunited with Toma's family in 1978. Like a majority of Ju/'hoansi, they have settled at Tjum!kui, an administrative post run by the South African government. They came looking for water, jobs and an easier life, but found…
Traditional Life
Part of the Series: !Kung Series Collection
This video depicts traditional Ju/'hoan life by using vignettes from longer films in the !Kung San series. Footage selected shows tool-making technology, hunting and gathering, social life and children at play, and gives the viewer a feel for the vastness…
Part of the Series: !Kung Series Collection
In comparison to !Kung San: Traditional Life, this video shows some of the dramatic changes in life-style that Ju/'hoansi had experienced by 1986. No longer able to rely on hunting and gathering for subsistence, Ju/'hoansi collect mealie meal welfare, spend…
!Kung Bushmen Hunting Equipment
Part of the Series: !Kung Series Collection
This film shows in detail all the pieces in the Ju/'hoan hunting kit and how each piece is made and used, from the collection of the raw materials to the final fabrication, including the preparation of poison arrows. !Kung Bushmen…
Real Water
Part of the Series: Kalahari Family Collection
Ju/'hoan farming communities multiply during the 1980s only to face a new threat. The Department of Nature Conservation wants to create a game reserve on Ju/'hoan territory. People will be forbidden to raise livestock or crops. Instead, Ju/'hoansi will be…
To Hold Our Ground: A Field Report
Part of the Series: !Kung Series Collection
For thousands of years Ju/'hoansi have lived in the Nyae Nyae region in northeastern Namibia. In the 1950s, most Ju/'hoansi had been exterminated or were dispossessed by white colonists and black farmers, but in Nyae Nyae Ju/'hoansi were still the…
Part of the Series: Yanomamo Collection
The playful side of Yanomamo life is shown on a day during the rainy season when women and children of the village play a game of tug-of-war. (See Tug-of-War, Bushmen) This film is included on the Yanomamo Shorts compilation video.…
Pittsburgh Police Short Films
Featuring John Marshall's hallmark intimate camerawork, these shorts offer a unique perspective on both sides of law enforcement, and on some of the social issues facing American cities during the late 1960s. This 2007 re-mastered/re-authored compilation contains additional information about…
10 videos
Vermont Kids
In the summer of 1975 John Marshall and Roger Hart documented the outdoor play activities of the children in a small Vermont town. Roger had just completed his dissertation from Clark University on the geography of children. John's 13 hours…
4 videos
Standing Tall
Part of the Series: Kalahari Family Collection
After twelve decades of colonial rule, South West Africa is about to become the independent nation of Namibia and people are looking forward to democratic rule. Members of the newly formed, Ju/'hoan Farmers' Co-op travel throughout white ranching districts and…
Death By Myth
Part of the Series: Kalahari Family Collection
Namibian independence attracts vast amounts of international aid, but development programs no longer benefit Ju/'hoan farms. We witness the power of the "Bushman myth." This myth - a belief that Ju/'hoansi live uniquely in harmony with nature and are born…
Pull Ourselves Up or Die Out
Part of the Series: !Kung Series Collection
This video, shot between 1980-1984, was an outgrowth of research conducted by John Marshall and Claire Ritchie during those years. Intended to raise awareness about issues facing Ju/'hoansi, Pull Ourselves Up or Die Out explores: problems and issues due to…