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John Hughes

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The Art of War
Betty Churcher brings her unique perspective to a series on Australian art inspired or provoked by our involvement in conflicts over the past century. From the First World War to the "war on terror", it reveals how dramatically attitudes to…
4 videos
An Unstoppable Force: Betty Churcher with John Olsen
Widely regarded as Australia's greatest living artist, the exuberant 80-year-old John Olsen talks with acclaimed art commentator Betty Churcher about his life's work. Still painting with all his creative energy in his studio in the NSW Southern Highlands, Olsen speaks…
Hidden Treasures with Betty Churcher - Inside the National Gallery of Australia
The National Gallery of Australia has more than 100,000 works in its collection--an extraordinary reservoir of creative vision and cultural history, from decorative arts to photography and sculpture. Yet on a visit to the gallery, you'll see only the tip…
15 videos
Hidden Treasures - Inside the National Library of Australia
The National Library of Australia is the country's largest reference library with over nine million items in its collection, including a surprising number of art works. Yet visitors to the library glimpse only a fraction of the collection with many…
10 videos