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John Darling

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Lempad of Bali
A re-release of an acclaimed documentary classic by John Darling - A film about the life and death of the 116-year-old Balinese Master-Artist. In April 1978, in a village situated in the fertile central hills of Bali, the island's greatest…
The Human Face of Indonesia
Indonesia is among Australia's closest neighbours and one of the world's most populous countries. Over 80 percent of its people are Muslim. The military plays a significant role in politics in Indonesia and at the time of filming, the government…
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The Healing Of Bali
For Australian documentary filmmaker John Darling, the tragic events of 12 October 2002 compelled him to re-establish his links with Bali that spanned some 30 years. John had lived, researched and made films in Bali for 17 years from the…
Below the Wind - Fishing in Indonesia
Each year the Sea Nomads of Indonesia sail on fishing and trading expeditions across the vast and dangerous seas that bind together their island nation. Sometimes they venture as far as northern Australia (di bawah angin / below the wind)…