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Germaine Dulac

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La Souriante Madame Beudet
Considered one of Dulac's most feminist films, it is also a crucial step in her continuing de-emphasis of traditional narrative structures in favor of visual association. This impressionist film offers a bleak portrait of marriage and its constraining effects on…
La Cigarette
Dulac's earliest extant title, LA CIGARETTE concerns a liberated young woman and her older husband who believes she is having an affair--speaking to a real postwar crisis of masculinity in France. With its understated acting and location shooting, Dulac fuses…
Early Women Filmmakers - An International Anthology
More women worked in film during its first two decades than at any time since. Unfortunately, many early women filmmakers have been largely written out of film history, their contributions undervalued. This necessary and timely collection highlights the work of…
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