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George Takei

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For the Love of Spock - The Life of Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy
A one-of-a-kind documentary sure to unite trekkies worldwide, FOR THE LOVE OF SPOCK tells the life of Star Trek's Mr. Spock and the actor who played him, Leonard Nimoy, for nearly fifty years. The film's focus began as a celebration…
To Be Takei - Actor and Activist, George Takei
Oh my! This award winning documentary features Star Trek legend, marriage equality advocate, and spokesperson for racial justice; superstar George Takei. Best known for his groundbreaking role of Hikaru Sulu on a certain epic starship and its multi-ethnic crew, Takei…
Message From Hiroshima - Remembering the Life & Culture of Hiroshima Before the Bombing
MESSAGE FROM HIROSHIMA illustrates the immense suffering and loss that resulted when the world's first atomic bomb detonated in the historic city of Hiroshima. Today, where the Hon and Motoyasu rivers meet, stands the Peace Memorial Park -- the former…