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Ed Asner

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From Wharf Rats to Lords of the Docks - A Play About the Man Behind the American Labor Movement
A rousing and human portrayal of visionary labor leader Harry Bridges' passions, struggles and wicked sense of humor, and a trip through some of America's most turbulent years with one of her most dynamic players as your guide. He was…
Behind the Fear - The Hidden Story of HIV
HIV is a disease- no, HIV is the virus that makes up the disease called- wait...AIDS is a virus- what? No! The "AIDS virus" has been a conundrum since its inception in 1984 as "HIV, The Virus that Causes AIDS,"…
Yamasong - March of the Hollows
An automaton girl and a tortoise warrior embark on an incredible journey to defeat a sinister mechanized army. Their only hope is to team up with a band of outlaws to find a legendary relic and save the creatures of…